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June 2, 2018 The Art of BodyLove: Body Image & Sexual Self-Esteem Workshop for Vulva-Owners

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Amy is a great guide and provides an amazing, welcoming, relaxing environment to explore body awareness and appreciation. She is so caring, making all of us feel at ease, and made facilitated authentic conversation with our group feel safe. The overall impact? I feel empowered!
K.I. , workshop participant

About The Art of BodyLove

It all started when woman after woman turned down my invitation to attend a Bodysex workshop. These were women I sought out, women whose light was dimmed, women who desperately needed to recharge their lives and sensuality and to be reminded how to use pussy power to light up. Women I begged to join me because I knew the workshop would change their lives. Women I pleaded with to give themselves the gift of the Bodysex life changing workshop. And time and time again I was told no.

It was rarely about the money. Sometimes it was because childcare couldn't be arranged. Or a partner wasn't comfortable with it. Or life was just a constant scheduling hassle and wherever could she find the time. 

More often they didn't bother with excuses. It was plain old-fashioned shame and fear. Body shame and fear of being vulnerable. Oh, and the naked bit. Which is really part of all that. 

So The Art of BodyLove was Born...

Love Your Body. Liberate Yourself. Experience Joy in Sisterhood.

Like our ancestors, we gather in a circle with a small group of women. We share stories of our bodies, ourselves, our sensuality and sexuality. We learn about female anatomy, conscious breath work, orgasm, masturbation, body image and pleasure.

We practice body awareness and sensate touch to experience pleasure and joy in the bodies we have. You will remain clothed. All touch is consensual and non-sexual - you can say no, or change your mind at any time - you are in charge and empowered!

Come experience healing in the presence of compassionate and wise women while having fun! The power of the circle and the BodyLove workshop won't heal you in a day. But it will forever change you, and help you along your journey to embracing pleasure and light and self acceptance and love. Come discover your best self! Appreciate your inner strengths and enjoy the body you have today - not when you're 10 lbs lighter, or 10 weeks from now when you get to that new exercise program, or when you are finally a size 10. NOW!

Workshop Details

Dates: Sat, June 2nd. 1pm - 6pm. 
Location: Stevenson, WA - the heart of the Columbia River Gorge (Nat'l Scenic Area, 45 mins East of Portland). Exact address provided upon registration. 
Cost: $50. Includes workshop and snacks. 

Guarantee: If you're dissatisfied with the workshop, I will refund your money. Note, I've been offering this for quite some time and NEVER had to make good. Really! 

In This Workshop, We Will:

Share our authentic selves with women on a similar journey. Our day will include a facilitated conversation in a safe circle of sisterhood about body image, sexuality, orgasm and relationships. We will also do some body image mirror work, female anatomy education, and learn about sensate touch and embracing pleasure. This is an educational and experiential workshop; participate fully to the extent you're able. If you're uncomfortable with any part of the workshop, you can simply say "no" or "not right now". Understand that this is a powerful and transformative experience, but you will not be forced to do anything you're not comfortable with or ready for. Also, anything I ask of you will first be modeled by me. I open myself to you, and encourage you to do the same in return. You'll come away with a better understanding of your body, your orgasms and your sensual and sexual self. You'll also walk more confidently in the world, embracing pleasure and joy like never before!


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The Art of BodyLove

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Participation in this gave me a lot to think about regarding my own body image issues. There was a lot of work I wasn’t able to dive entirely into due to time, but plan to continue working on at home. And in that way, it’s been invaluable. Also, it gave me some good tools, education, and made me feel tremendously supported.
Amy’s passion for this work is evident in her workshop. It helps create a safe space for self compassion and self acceptance at a much needed time. Thank you!


If you have any questions about whether this workshop is right for you, please request a 15 minute free consultation, here.

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