Love Thyself...

If all you need is 10,000 hours to become an expert, how many hours do you need to masturbate to become a masturbation coach?

It’s funny. I got into this sex coaching business - really it’s more of a calling than a business - because while my husband was, and still is, the greatest lover on earth - not that I’ve slept with every person on earth, still, it’s true, trust me on this! - I had completely abdicated responsibility for my sex life, and therefore a big part of my personal happiness and well-being, to him. I didn’t masturbate.

I did masturbate, as a kid. And I have fond memories of the bathtub filling while I happily placed my vulva directly below the faucet. But somewhere along the way I stopped giggling with glee when our dog humped my leg, my hairbrush and cucumber dildos weren’t particularly satisfying, and I grew to hate my body. I actually, physically flattened my boobs with cloth and safety pins.

Fast forward a dozen years, enter my incredibly talented future husband. But by then I was scarred. I liked sex. I had tiny orgasms I didn’t know were orgasms. I had closed myself up, fled my body, wore it as a set of clothing for my mind. I simply didn’t believe I was deserving of pleasure and, despite my husband telling me how beautiful I was, I couldn’t believe him.

For all of you who, like my former self, refuse to believe you are worthy of pleasure, don’t masturbate often or well, loathe your body and don’t allow yourselves to feel - these interviews and all I do are for you.

Please give a listen to the wild and rollicking conversation about Loving Thyself I had with Alice and Yvette of Two Girls One Mic, the podcast. And, as always, reach out if I can help or you have questions.

Healing the world, one orgasm at a time, with love and pleasure,