Celebrating Pleasure

Dive into Embodied Consent: An Introduction to the Wheel of Consent®

In this introductory workshop we will start exploring (it’s an infinite exploration!) the dynamics of receiving and giving with different touch exercises and a min-look at the Wheel of Consent®. Please know that there are many ways to participate in this workshop and all touch with others is optional. No prior experience is needed.


There is a tremendous amount of confusion around the nature of consent— what it actually is — and how we consciously or unconsciously traverse in or out of the boundaries of it with our own bodies and in our relationships with others.

Setting appropriate boundaries is not always straightforward or easy to do. But consent is an art that is way more fun than you think, and is the key to relational and erotic freedom. The more clear you are, the more fun you have.  

What would it be like to be gentle, clear and respectful – as you ask for what you want?

What would it be like to feel comfortable saying No or setting a limit, and doing so with clarity and grace?

What does a hell yes feel like in your body? And a hell no?

Many people take this workshop to clarify and enhance their personal or intimate lives. The Wheel of Consent® is great for that! What surprises many is how much it affects the rest of their lives too. It turns out to describe the fundamental dynamics of most human relating.

The Wheel of Consent® distinguishes between who is ‘doing’ and who it’s for. With this distinction 4 kinds of touch become possible, opening a rich and varied possibility of experience. It shows you how to notice what it is you want, how to trust that, value it and communicate it.

The real meaning of ‘Receiving’ and ‘Giving’ become clear – and they are not what you might think! You learn to tell them apart, learn when to use each of them, and come to appreciate and enjoy each of them.

This Introductory Workshop:

  • is clothed. While there are many opportunities for exchanging touch as part of the learning, but there is no genital touch and clothing stays on in the workshop. This is NOT a sexual workshop.

  • experiential. Using a powerful and simple exercises, it gives an experiential foundation to understanding what YOU do or don’t want. 

  • respects you're boundaries. You don’t have to touch anyone if you don’t want to. The choice is more important than the touch!

  • lets you start right where you are. New to the Wheel or wildly experienced.

  • gives you a game to take home that make the whole thing easy, fun and if you like, sensual and sexy.

  • is fun!

    Join me for an introduction and dive into embodied consent: the key to getting your needs and wishes met, but also to relational integrity and spiritual clarity.

This Workshop is About:

• Waking up sensuality – feeling and following pleasure

• Making choices – learning how to choose for yourself

• Understanding the dynamics of giving and receiving, and taking them apart

• Understanding who is doing and who it is for – because they are different

• Gaining skills of empowerment and communication. Noticing, valuing, and trusting desires. Having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive. 

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – personal and professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience is necessary. For those who have been exposed to the Wheel, and those who haven’t, there are always new levels of awareness to be found.

To see a short video on the Wheel of Consent®, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6tcMkRrYM0 

I also offer a 2 day and 6 week Wheel of Consent Workshop®, in which we dive deeper. Date and Location: coming soon! For more information, please contact me!