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Body Pride NW Workshop
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For Women: BodyPride! A facilitated conversation & celebration of embodiment.

Do you want to love your body and embrace pleasure? Liberate yourself and experience joy in the body you've got, starting with this event and discussion.

Monday, Oct 29th, 7-9pm. NE Portland studio location, provided upon registration

Body Pride is a 2 hour playshop where women, or anyone female-identifying, come together for a facilitated conversation about body image, sexuality and relationships. The goal is to de-sexualize nakedness and to heal body shame, thereby empowering us to enjoy the pleasure we have the capacity to feel. Done in the nude, the event culminates in a naked dance party and (optional) photo shoot.

$35, tickets must be purchased in advance.

In This Workshop, We Will:

Gather together in a safe and sacred circle of sisterhood to talk and to share and to heal. Some of the questions we will cover are: what messages have you received about sexuality over the years, what was it like to grow up as you in regards to sexuality, what is your relationship to your body? This event will be joyful, playful and honoring.

The evening will culminate with a naked dance party and photo shoot. This feels GREAT after all the stories and sharing. The photo shoot is completely optional but super empowering! We each have the power to transform ourselves into healthier, authentic and loving beings.


Body Pride will help you normalize nudity and ditch body shame. Learn to accept your body exactly as it is! Mark your Calendar and Join Us in a Sacred Loving Circle! 
Monday, October 29th, 7-10pm

Please bring a blanket or towel, and yoga mat if you wish.

It’s sweet, honoring and fun to dance together at the end!
Erin, Body Pride participant

This workshop is facilitated by Karey and Amy. Here's a bit more about us.

About Karey

Karey is a Somatic Sex Educator, Coach Training Alliance Certified Life Coach, Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master and Graduate of Barbara Carellas’ Urban Tantra for Professionals Training Program. She has a Certificate in Intimacy Education from Erospirit/Caffyn Jesse, and is a certified Sexological Bodyworker.

About Amy

Amy is a certified Betty Dodson Bodysex Facilitator and Orgasm Coach, Somatic Sex Educator, Mother, Wife, and Friend. She focuses on sex positivity and the importance of masturbation in our lives. She is also a certified Sexological Bodyworker.


About Body Pride

Started by Caitlin Roberts and based on Betty Dodson's Bodysex workshops. Here are links to articles about Body Pride.

The Star.com, repost from The Washington Post, May 2017 article - Nudity is the First Step to Healing in Body Image Workshop 

Maison Neuve, Feb 2016 article - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Body 

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