Celebrating Pleasure


What Are People Saying?

This was a warm, welcoming atmosphere where I felt comfortable and invited right away. I for sure recommend it to women who wish to be supported on their journeys by other women of varied and similar walks of life.
Meg, BodyLove participant
The mirror exercise and touch really helped with belly shame.
Amy, BodyLove participant
This is a process for me, but I have more freedom, less shame and clearly see that I am unique. Thank you, Amy! This workshop was a completely safe place in which I could be open, honest and transparent.
Shari, Bodysex participant

Dive into Magic Touch & Embodied Consent: An Introduction to the Wheel of Consent®

Coming Fall 2019! Last held: Aug, 2019 in Hood River, OR & June, 2019 in Portland, OR

Setting appropriate boundaries is not always straightforward or easy to do. But consent is an art that is way more fun than you think, and is the key to relational and erotic freedom. The more clear you are, the more fun you have.

The Wheel of Consent®, created by Dr Betty Martin, is a theory and practice that explains boundary setting, permission, intention and roles in a simple and profound way.

Using a powerful and simple exercise, it gives an experiential foundation to understanding what YOU want or don’t want.

Join me for an introduction and dive into embodied consent: the key to getting your needs and wishes met, but also to relational integrity and spiritual clarity.

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Bodysex Workshop & Retreat: Nov 9 & 10, 2019

Celebrate Pleasure & Ditch Body Shame in Authentic Sisterhood. 

Feel Whole, Loved & Beautiful. Live Confidently & Passionately!

For All Vulva Owners.

Do you sometimes struggle to feel beautiful or worthy? Do you find it hard to fully embrace your own pleasure, even though you want to? Do you long to experience authentic sisterhood? Then this is the workshop for you! A place to talk openly about your sexuality - the good, the bad and the ugly. A place to safely unmask and embrace yourself. A place to unlock your power, your pleasure, your orgasm - and transform your life. 

Perfect if you're struggling to feel sexy, or to let go and embrace your orgasm, or with desire imbalance in partnership, body shame, still trying to heal from old trauma, or dealing with life changes such as divorce, a new baby, becoming an empty nester, etc. 

This retreat is held in a private, beautiful home in Stevenson, WA, with no more than 8 vulva-owners. 

Nov 9 & 10, 2019 - If you're seeking more joy, connection and passion in your life, this will be the most powerful thing you do for yourself all year!

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What Are People Saying?

Are you open to learning where your real power is? Don’t let the name of the workshop scare you, think of it as an exciting adventure into your own womanhood. I discovered so much about myself – I LOVED it. It was an amazing experience and Amy was sensational – authentic, thoughtfulness, honest and a true educator on the womanly arts.
M.K., Bodysex participant
I really hope every woman can have this experience. I know it sounds intimidating but it was so natural. It’s no wonder we’re always so stressed and worried and insecure. It’s because we keep sexuality hidden in the closet repressed by guilt and shame.

That weekend I fell in love with myself and I thank each women in that room for being the mirror to my soul.
Molly, Bodysex participant
I arrived scared and looking for a quick fix to reignite the sexual flame that seemed to have been lost somewhere over the past 10 years. What I found was so much more. I never imagined that a “sex workshop” could result in so much healing. I left feeling whole, seen, loved, and beautiful.
Rebecca, Bodysex participant

For Women: BodyPride! A facilitated conversation & celebration of embodiment.

This workshop is offered upon request! Min of 3 to run.

Body Pride is a 2 hour playshop where women (or anyone identifying as female) come together for a facilitated conversation about body image, sexuality and relationships — completely naked and authentically YOU - culminating in a naked dance party and (optional) photo shoot. This playshop will help you normalize nudity and learn to celebrate your body exactly as it is!

$35, tickets must be purchased in advance.

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Workshop was awesome, empowering, and exceeded my expectations. It was an excellent opportunity to be totally safe, supported and connect to other beautifully vulnerable, honest, srong women.
Jen, Body Pride partipant

Master Lover Mindset: A Workshop For Men Who Desire To Be Better Lovers

This workshop is offered upon request! Min of 3 to run. 

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You can also hear us walk you through what we teach in this workshop, in an interview with T of T & A Talk Sex. Click on the below audio file to hear this riveting interview with Amy & Jackie. As we all know, practice makes perfect! 

Just do it! You’ll be so glad you did!
Steve, Master Lover Mindset Participant