Celebrating Pleasure

Hello, My Darlings! I'm So Glad You're Here! 

To see and to believe in your own beauty. This is the gift I wish to share. Be your best sexual self. And welcome to a judgment-free sex-positive space! 

The Joyful Self Love Institute promotes self-love to people of all shapes, sizes, genders, orientations, relationship styles and ages. I provide sex coaching & education to help you BE YOUR BEST SEXUAL SELF. Maybe you're looking to heal from body shame (this has been a big part of my own personal journey!), increase intimacy, recover from trauma, dive into your sensual self, overcome dysfunction or shame, open your relationship, or even just up your game and learn some fun, new techniques. Whatever it is, I'd love to help you embrace yourself and have the sex life you deserve! 

Much of my work is about helping a body, mind and soul feel united, so a person can safely feel all emotions – including joy, fear, anger and vulnerability. This often leads to an intentional expansion of the ability to experience pleasure. It's been my personal experience and one I hope to share with you.

As a certified somatic sex educator and orgasm coach, I provide a body-based approach to health and wellness. My sincere belief is that the body wants to turn towards healthy sexuality as a plant wants to turn towards to sun. Sometimes we just need a little help finding the sun. 



One-on-one coaching is offered to meet your specific goals. My model is not one of recurring clients over long periods of time, but rather I provide you with the education and tools you need to meet your goals and become self-sufficient.

Tools I employ might include: breath work, sound, movement and mindfulness. More info on coaching can be found here. 



Our workshops empower people to feel whole, loved and beautiful. Shame and regret are replaced with celebration, hope and an understanding of our bodies and erotic selves. To learn about current workshops, click here. 

Want to see & hear me explain what I do? Watch the video, and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! 

Amy's approachable manner, astute body and sensuality insights, and sense of humor make even the most difficult journeys manageable for her clients. So if you're struggling to find your groove or your orgasm, want a more satisfying sensual connection to your body, or have questions about sexual fulfillment, give her a call. Don't strive to survive, strive to thrive and live the life you're fully capable of - one of joy and love, passion and confidence.

Want a free 15 minute consultation to chat, assess things and see if I might be a good fit for you?

Please contact Amy or schedule a free consultation here.

Wondering what others are saying about Amy? 

I really hope every person can have this experience. Again, thank you for reaching out and encouraging me....this isn’t something easy for me to do/take the time for myself, so sometimes I need some hand holding. I’m enjoying working with you.
Katie, client & workshop participant
Thanks again for meeting me in person. I enjoyed the session and found the hands on learning to be most helpful. That was also the strongest orgasm I have had in quite some time! Thank you!
Matt, client
Thanks Amy! It takes someone special to walk “the Walk” you are walking with me and others...
Y.G., client
Thank you, Amy. You are easy and a pleasure to talk to.
T.D., client

Curious About What My Studio Looks Like?

I really enjoyed you and how you work!
D.C., client
We found the joint session quite helpful and did the bubble exercise Monday night. I liked it. We had nice lovemaking. I am so pleased with the progress I am making in our sessions!
Mary, client
I have the privilege of knowing Amy as an esteemed colleague, and have been a client as well. She brings so much positivity, substantive knowledge, caring compassion, and focus to the party. I highly recommend her as a coach and educator. I enjoy and have benefitted from her uncanny ability to creatively share knowledge in an accessible and actionable way, and the genuine spirit of empathy that characterizes her approach to her work. You will too!
Karey Iven, Intimacy Coach and Somatic Sex Educator, www.pleasureworks.net