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The Cordless Magic Wand: The ONLY Toy We Sell:

The Cordless Magic Wand: The ONLY Toy We Sell:


In May 2016, Time Magazine named the Magic Wand one of the Top Ten Most Influential Gadgets of All Time, on a list that included the Apple iPhone and Sony Walkman! It called the Magic Wand “gear you can’t live without." I second that - this is the most famous and sought after vibrator ever, and for good reason! So much more than the word "toy" implies! This is a necessary part of my sex life. Do yourself a favor and make it part of yours.

Note that this price INCLUDES shipping! AND a free 20 minute personal video lesson on how to use it! Giggles, joyful experimentation and amazing orgasms are also included. :)

Includes 20 mins of private one-on-one coaching

Uniquely, this price includes 20 minutes of private coaching via online video on how to use the wand to help you achieve optimal results. We will work together to schedule the video call at a time that is convenient for you, and to take place once you've received the wand. We will review specific how-to's related to the wand, as well as your particular experiences and needs, tips and tricks for your masturbation practice and suggestions on use you may not otherwise have considered. All designed to make sure you LOVE the wand! I've spend hundreds of dollars on toys that simply don't work for me. This tutorial will help ensure that isn't the case for you with this purchase! 


Why I LOVE the Magic Wand

Fans and therapists have swooned over the Magic Wand Original, formally the Hitachi Magic Wand, for decades. In 2015,  a cordless version was introduced. I have a strong preference for the cordless version, sold here - it's just as powerful and gives you the freedom to be away from a power source. So you can dance around your living room, take it camping, or anywhere else your imagination wants! This is the vibrator of all vibrators - the creme de la creme and Rolls Royce of vibrators. 

This powerful vibrator is used outside your body. So don't be scared by how big it looks. Yes, it's big. And powerful. I like to think of it as a power tool! Or maybe a microphone - cuz this baby will make you sing!

The Details

This powerful electric wand has had a loyal following for over 25 years for good reason. It is a full foot long, with a vibrating head that's a little smaller than a tennis ball. The head is made of body-safe silicone, and delivers high and low speed vibration. There are several easy-to-reach buttons to control the wand's power, speed, and variable patterns. There's a rechargeable port at the bottom. It’s designed to externally massage your muscles, shoulders, back, and of course… your vulva and clitoris. 

If your clitoris is especially sensitive, you can place the vibrating head between your thighs but not touching the clit. Many women like it on the vulva's outer lips. For some, outside your underwear or even your pants is enough. This thing is powerful! Still, for those of us who have trouble orgasming with our fingers or other toys, the powerful vibrations of the Magic Wand is just what we need. Don't be shy about playing with the different settings and experimenting to find what works for you! It can also be used by two people for fun massage and orgasmic play by sandwiching the wand between bodies. Lastly, male stimulation can be achieved by placing the vibrating head between the penis and testicles or testicles and anus. 

It's not waterproof or splash proof, so you'll need to gently clean the head with a little soap and water after use, or your favorite toy cleaner.


Not sure this product is right for you? Feel free to email us with questions: info@joyfulselflove.com. We'll get right back to you!

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