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To Schedule a Private Coaching Session…

Because I know how hard it can be to take the plunge and get help in this most intimate of areas, and because I've either been in your shoes, or worked with someone who has - I urge, beg and plead you to stop struggling and to reach out to me, or to someone, today.

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For First Time Clients

If we haven’t worked together yet, please fill out this mandatory intake form, it’s a fillable PDF. You’ll need to save the PDF to your computer, then email it to me. This will help crystallize your intentions and encourage you to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t so we have more success in our time together.

By email: amy@JoyfulSelfLove.com

By phone: 971.361.9391

Rather start with a Free 15 Min Chat?

So… how do we begin?

Wondering if I can help or if we’d work well together? It’s easy to say hello, ask a question or two, and get to know me before scheduling a session! You can pop a free 15 min chat right on both our calendars by simply clicking here, into Calendly, my online scheduling tool.

Is this call sexual? No. This is a professional space. Though we discuss sex and sexuality in depth, there is no clothing removal or guided sexual touch on the call, and I hold strong boundaries between coach and client.

“I’ve never talked to anyone about any of this and it’s scary!” It’s totally normal to be nervous about working with a sex coach. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that it’s a commitment to yourself, and know that this is a safe, supportive, sex positive and judgment free space. And this is why I often suggest starting with a free chat. So you can decide if you want to work with me and if you’re ready to commit to yourself and living a sexually whole and healthy life.