Celebrating Pleasure

November 9-10, 2019 Bodysex Workshop & Retreat

About Bodysex

Do you want to stop feeling bad about your body? Do you long to feel whole, loved & beautiful? Then this is the workshop for you! After 2 days of unconditional love and support from a small group of like-minded sisters, your life will change. You'll live confidently & passionately. You'll be the woman* you know you can be, who you're truly meant to be! Bold claims indeed. I know. But, darling, I've been where you are. I've lived this. And I know how transformative this workshop is. It's why I'm doing this work. It's a calling. Really. I'm so sure, that I back my work up with a money-back guarantee. Don't let fear of failure or vulnerability or shame get in the way. If you're ready for change, now is the time for bold action. I look forward to meeting you!

Embrace Yourself. Ditch Body Shame. Celebrate Pleasure.


Because our society trivializes sex and shames women for our sexual desires, we often know little about ourselves. Or we deny the importance of our sexual selves. Shame restricts access to full self-expression.

This is why taking a Bodysex workshop is so TRANSFORMATIVE. We focus on overcoming negative body image and pleasure anxiety.

This unique workshop has been taught by famed sexologist, Betty Dodson, for over 40 years. Because it works, the Joyful Self Love Institute is now offering the same signature Betty Dodson Bodysex Workshop on the West Coast.

Love Your Body. Liberate Yourself. Experience Joy in Sisterhood.

Like our ancestors, we gather in a circle with a small group of women*. We share stories of our bodies, ourselves and our orgasms. We learn about female anatomy and practice various masturbation techniques to learn what works for each of us. This workshop is clothing optional, but it’s not sexual. The key here is the word optional. This is about empowerment and choice, so you do what feels right for you and know that that can change daily, hourly or even moment to moment. That said, there's an important metaphor at work here. Uncover your body and you uncover, or rather, re-discover, yourself. You may be surprised at how much this heals, and how much fun you’ll have!

The healing part, in the company of other women who have experienced their own nightmares, cannot be replicated in other places.
Bodysex participant

Together we explore sexuality, orgasm, masturbation, body image, and pleasure. The power of the circle and the Bodysex workshop will forever change you. Come discover your best sexual self!

*If you are a vulva-owner, you're welcome in this circle. No matter your sex at birth, age, sexual orientation, race, or country of origin. You're invited to join this circle of sisterhood and I will do my best to ensure you feel safe and supported.

Workshop Details

Dates: Sat, November 9th and Sun, November 10th. 1pm - 6pm. 
Location: Stevenson, WA - the heart of the Columbia River Gorge (Nat'l Scenic Area, 45 mins East of Portland, OR)
Cost: $350. Optional add-ons are the famous and amazing Magic Wand vibrator, and overnight lodging with breakfast. Registration is limited to 8 participants.

Guarantee: If you're dissatisfied with the workshop, I will refund your money (less the cost of the Magic Wand). Note, I've been offering this for quite some time and NEVER had to make good. Really! 

Optional Overnight: I have limited capacity for overnight guests, but spending the night turns the weekend into a retreat. I have a beautiful and comfortable mid-century modern home with a great deck and hot tub. I will provide a continental breakfast, but lunch & dinner will be on your own. 3 private rooms are available for $99/night, and 1 pullout sofa and air mattress could be used for $69. The 3 bathrooms are all shared. Please contact me if you'd like pictures or have questions. The retreat is a great way to further bond with all your new Bodysex Sister Goddesses!

The Bodysex Workshop is more than an exercise in physical self-love. It is an expansion of self-knowledge and acceptance –the act of willingly embracing the gift of being a vital, potent woman.
Bodysex participant
A Goddess in Training: I have spent the last twenty-five years recovering from extreme childhood sexual abuse. I’ve used a variety of modalities from psychotherapy to acupuncture to five-day silent retreats. The body sex workshop provided me the setting for what I consider my final step in healing. I recommend it to sex abuse survivors at all stages of recovery.
S.B. , Bodysex participant

Join Us In The Sacred Circle

BodySex Workshop
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Still not sure? Here radical pleasurist & intimacy coach, Sophia Treyger, talks with me about her recent Bodysex retreat experience. And check out the FAQs below.

Added lots more self pleasure to my life! Connecting to a part of myself that is wholesome, real, and amazing!
Molly, Bodysex participant
The BodySex Workshop healed my body and spirit. I was raised in a church in which women were to keep silent and feminine intuition was shunned. The weekend I spent at Amy’s beautiful home with a group of women who are beautiful both inside and out made me feel a part of the Goddess religions I have always wanted to embrace. I felt seen and touched and adored by God Herself/Himself.
Mary, Bodysex participant
In the weeks after the workshop, I have opened up more and feel less inhibited. I also realize how important it is to practice masturbation to learn more about what gives me pleasure and empower my sexual self. There has been an obvious “letting go” and loosening that has increased my interest in sexual activity – a huge milestone for me.
Bodysex participant

In This Workshop, We Will:

Share our authentic selves with women on a similar journey. This is an educational and experiential workshop; participate fully to the extent you're able. If you're uncomfortable with any part of the workshop, you can simply say "no" or "not right now". Understand that this is a very powerful and transformative experience, but you will not be forced to do anything you're not comfortable with or ready for. Also, anything I ask of you will first be modeled by me. I open myself to you, and encourage you to do the same in return. You'll come away with a better understanding of your body, your orgasms and your sexual self. You'll also walk more confidently in the world, embracing pleasure and joy like never before!


  • Hello Darling. You'll be greeted by me in the nude and asked to dress or undress in whatever way is comfortable for you. The weekend is clothing optional, with optional being the key word. There is no right or wrong, just what feels best for you in the moment. We will all be making ourselves vulnerable in different ways. The weekend will be devoted to removing the masks and armor we've all accumulated, to getting back in touch with your authentic, joyful self and to uncovering whatever is keeping you from loving you on a daily basis. Clothing enables us to hide, and to differentiate from each other. Here, we want to see our true selves and to connect with each other in heartfelt ways.

  • Confidentiality. This is a safe space, you can ask anything you'd like, acceptance and compassion will be shown by all. You can share your own stories and experiences, but not anyone else's.

  • Bodies & Orgasms. We'll talk about how we feel about our bodies and our orgasms. This is first-person sharing, and you'll be amazed at both the similarities and the differences. You probably haven't really shared this with anyone else. I hadn't - and at the time of my first Bodysex I had been happily married for 20 years! Our sex negative culture, combined with hyper-sexualization equates to body shame and violence against women. Consequently, most of us don't talk to other women, or our partners, about how we really feel about our bodies and our orgasms.

  • Genital Show & Tell. You're not in Kindergarten anymore, Dorothy! If you've ever felt abnormal "down there", you're not. If you've wondered if other women look like you, some do and some don't. There's a huge variety in style and color, and all pussy's are incredibly beautiful. Why don't we learn this in school?! We'll learn about our own anatomy and the wide range of pussy styles by viewing Betty Dodson's detailed drawings, then take turns looking at and admiring each other. Again, I will go first. And again, you are in charge of setting your own boundaries and deciding whether or not you want to participate and to what extent. Just know that pussy adoration means pussy power, and you won't believe how incredibly powerful this ritual is.

  • Masturbation Discussion. We'll talk about how we feel about masturbation and the art of pleasuring ourselves. We'll also learn different types of masturbation techniques, about different types of orgasm and toys, and practice Betty's famous Rock 'n Roll technique. This particular technique uses Betty's barbell and the Hitachi Magic Wand.

  • Erotic Recess. This is group masturbation. I know. Again, it sounds terrifying. The reality is that it's incredibly beautiful to make love to yourself with a group of sisters all doing the same thing - alone but together. Orgasm isn't the goal here. Self love and acceptance are. I personally had never been able to orgasm during masturbation until this very workshop. I probably sound like a broken record, but the theme of the workshop is self-love, positive body image, acceptance and awareness of your body, your sensuality and your feelings. Participate to the extent possible, knowing that the more you put in, the more you get out.

  • Group Massage. We break into small groups and spend a few minutes on each person in turn. This is the only time all weekend anyone else will touch you - with your consent, of course. It's non-sexual but loving.

  • Reflection Circle. We will end the weekend with a reflection on all we learned, and talk specifically about what we want to take home and put into practice.


If you have any questions about whether this workshop is right for you, please request a 15 minute free consultation, here. And check out the FAQs below.

Interested in private, one-on-one coaching instead of this workshop? Let's talk and see if we would work well together. 

About The Joyful Self Love Institute

The Joyful Self Love Institute promotes positive body image and self-love to women of all shapes, sizes and ages. We create sisterhood, heal body shame and celebrate pleasure.

Our workshops empower women to feel whole, loved and beautiful. Body shame and regret are replaced with hope and an understanding of the power that comes from shared feminine sexuality and knowledge of our own bodies. This life changing and magical work is accomplished through education about our bodies and the power of masturbation. We are our own best lovers.

About Workshop Facilitator, Amy Weissfeld

An unabashed hedonist, Amy’s life goal is to empower people to enjoy the pleasure of their own bodies and to heal body shame. We each have the power to transform ourselves into healthier, authentic and loving beings. Tapping into our sexual power and letting go of culturally induced body shame and repression are crucial steps, and Amy enjoys guiding women along the path she herself has stumbled upon. 

Amy is a certified Betty Dodson Bodysex Facilitator and Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, Mother of two, Wife, and Friend. She focuses on sex positivity and the importance of masturbation in our lives. She is also a certified Somatic Sex Educator & Sexological Bodyworker. Want to know more? Click here.  Or check out the professional Somatic Sex Educators Association, of which I am a member. 

Core belief: knowing yourself and your own body makes you a happier person, a better partner, and an improved lover.

She loves: skinny dipping, laughter, time in the woods, being on the mountain, strong women, a sense of humor, dogs, adventure, intimacy, integrity and beauty of all kinds.



Questions? Below are a few common ones, but if you don’t see yours here, please ask me directly! Amy@JoyfulSelfLove.com or 503.516.1800. Hope to see you in the circle!

+ Is this workshop for CIS-women only?

No. Anyone with a vulva is welcome, regardless of anatomy at birth. The spirit of Bodysex is about sharing our experiences, embracing ourselves, learning about our anatomy/vulvas and how to increase pleasure. All sisters are welcome as my experience has been that most vulva-owners feel safest being vulnerable in this way with other vulva-owners.

+ What if I have my period?

No problem. I often have my period for workshops. You can use a tampon, menstrual cup, or natural sea sponge during genital show & tell and erotic recess.

+ What if I have a yeast infection?

No problem. I personally use boric acid pills, others use cranberry pills or monistat, but whatever treatment works for you is fine. Just treat yourself as you normally would, and come join us in the circle.

+ What if I can't orgasm?

If you orgasm, great. If you don't, that's ok too. Orgasm is NOT the goal. We're here to heal body shame, overcome sexual guilt and experience true sisterhood. There's no agenda and no expectations.

+ Can I keep the magic wand?

The price of the magic wand is included in the workshop fee. If you want to keep Betty’s barbell, which you will use during the workshop, you can and the price is $130.

+ Can I bring my own barbell and wand?

Yes. If you've already purchased the barbell and the wand, you can bring them with you to the workshop.

+ Can I bring something to eat?

Of course, please feel free to bring whatever you like. I provide beverages and lots of healthy snacks during the workshop. For overnight guests, Sunday morning breakfast is included and dietary restrictions can be accommodated if I'm informed of them ahead of time.