Celebrating Pleasure

Books To Change Your Sex Life!

There are books, and there are BOOKS! These are the most important sex books to literally change your life.

“Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” & “Pussy: A Reclamation” are really required reading for all women! This is not hyperbole and I do not take these recommendations lightly. Seriously, you or wife, your daughter, your sister, your best friend need to read these. Women’s Anatomy has lots of pictures so I don’t recommend it as an audio book.

“She Comes First” is especially helpful for men who aren’t sure how to please a vulva-owning partner. “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” is super helpful with this too!

“Urban Tantra” is for all genders and anyone looking to embrace sexual pleasure and spirituality more fully. Whether you’re having trouble controlling your ejaculation, or just want more pleasure, this book will help get you there.

“Sex at Dawn” might blow your mind about monogamy the way it did mine.

“If the Buddha Married” is a lovely book with practical tips to help strengthen a marriage or relationship, though I think she gets is wrong on the topic of monogamy.

I also highly recommend pretty much anything by Esther Perel and Brenee Brown. Please reach out with any questions and happy reading!

NOTE: Please scroll down to see the books I recommend for healing from trauma.


If you’re suffering from trauma and want to know more about healing by releasing trauma from the body, I highly recommend seeing a Certified Somatic Sex Educator (like me!), and reading these books to understand more: