Celebrating Pleasure

One on One Coaching: in-person, by phone or video

I LOVE one-on-one work and offer private sex coaching and a compassionate, body-based approach to sexual health and wellness. Embrace yourself and have the sex life you deserve! These private sessions are booked in 60 or 90 minute increments, and can happen in-person, by phone or via video (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime). LGBTQIA, Vanilla, Kink & Poly aware and friendly - oh, and don't worry if you don't know what any of that means! :)

A Safe Place

Exactly what we do depends in large part on your intentions, but always I work to empower your voice & choice. Above all, my goal is for you to feel safe and supported. Any work we do together is private and tailored for your specific needs & goals. 

Sessions may include:

  • Mindfulness - to stay embodied

  • Movement - to follow the tendrils of your pleasure

  • Breath Work - to increase or decrease sexual excitement

  • Sound - to activate the vagus nerve and feel-good chemicals

  • Touch - to educate & upon request. *Any touch is one-way only, meaning I may touch you but you may not touch me.

Why Work With Amy?

Sexual pleasure is increased and pleasure limitations decreased when we actively practice awakening, deepening & nourishing our sexual selves. I focus on experiential, educational learning. 

  • Gain Sexual Confidence - be more present & connected in your body

  • Release Trauma - safely, my practice is trauma-informed & gentle

  • Overcome Sexual "Dysfunction" - erectile dysfunction, low or mismatched libido, unfulfilling orgasms, poor body image, frozen or disassociated from your body, genital or other pain, pelvic floor health, issues related to sexuality & aging

  • Ditch Shame & Guilt - know & freely express your needs

  • Ask For & Get What YOU Want - discover & name your authentic sexual desires; gender, relationship and/or kink exploration

  • Have The Sex Life You Deserve - more fulfilling, embodied, even spiritual encounters

I am a certified Somatic Sex EducatorSexological Bodyworker & Orgasm Coach. Want to know more? Click here.  Or check out the professional Somatic Sex Educators Association, of which I am a member. 

Make An Appointment Today

With offices in Portland, OR, and the Columbia River Gorge, and video clients around the world, it's easy to schedule a session or free 15 min consultation, or simply ask a question in a judgment free, sex-positive space. 


Say Hello, Ask a Question

Wondering if I can help or if we’d work well together? It’s easy to say hello, ask a question or two, and get to know me before scheduling a session.

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Schedule a Session

Reunite your body, mind and soul to be your best sexual self. Choose from 60 to 90 minute sessions, in person or via video. I also create custom mini-retreats and workshops for out-of-towners who want to maximize in-person coaching during a visit. Reach out to receive my mandatory intake form so we can get started!

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Coaching in Action

Breath can be used to both increase sexual energy and arousal, and slow things down for a more relaxed savoring. Here I teach Prana Breath to ramp your energy up for increased sexual vitality, health and wellness.


At this point, I do not take insurance. I charge $110/hour, $160/90 minutes. I also offer a bucket of hours that provides a 20% discount, so $350 for 4 hours and $510 for 4 ninety minute sessions. Sessions can be purchased here. Most clients see me 4-10 times, although that obviously varies. But in general, my goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be independent and successful.

Had the best experience with Amy! I came in with expectations and the time with her was way more than I could have ever asked. Looking forward to seeing her again very soon and to continuing my journey.
Josh, client
I am so much more inhabited. In my body, not spinning so much in my mind.
Robin, client
Thanks for the help you gave us! It’s great to be able to orgasm whenever I want!
M, client
I learned sexuality is not as perfect for others as I thought. This was so freeing! The feedback and practice I got with Amy has changed my life.
Y, client
I feel very good about our session, it hit on many areas that I wanted to work on. I liked the structure as well as the fluidity of multiple options. You made me feel comfortable and safe and trusted. This was very important for me in order to allow myself to relax into my body and session.
Bob, client

What's the Difference between a Sex Therapist & Sex Coach?

I often work in conjunction with Sex Therapists. What's the difference between a Somatic Sex Educator and Coach (that's me!) and a therapist? Therapists employ talk therapy and are typically members of a national psychotherapy organization. As a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Coach, the story isn't as important to me as what's being held in the body. I work in the present - what are you feeling right now?! and employ tools like breath work, mindfulness, sound, movement & touch to help clients safely feel in their bodies.  


Common issues I work with people of all genders, race, size, and orientation on include:

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  • Accessing orgasm, figuring out what you really want

  • Claiming or reclaiming your sexual self - exploring your orgasm, fantasy, sensuality

  • Erectile issues - premature ejaculation and problems getting or staying hard

  • Feeling frozen or disassociated from your body

  • Body image issues - how to heal from this trauma and embrace yourself

  • Exploring different relationship styles, this could mean opening or closing a relationship. Avoiding poly drama. Negotiating and getting what you really want.

  • Questions around gender identity and sexuality, including transgender

  • Healing from trauma - you've processed and talked and understand what happened, but now you need to release long-held trauma from your body.

  • Low arousal or mismatched arousal in relationship

  • Going deeper in your relationship, sexually and emotionally

  • Masturbation techniques

  • Erotic skill acquisition - how to drive your partner crazy

  • Anal health and enjoyment

  • Pelvic floor health

I look forward to the possibility of helping you reach your full erotic potential in a private, safe and non-judgmental space!

* Service disclaimer: Massage therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB). I do not provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.