Celebrating Pleasure

Master Lover Mindset: For Men Who Desire More

This workshop is for men who desire more. Men who want to become better lovers, dare I say “master lovers”. And men who are ready to explore their erotic potential through the mind, the body and the heart. This workshop is conducted in a setting that is playful, safe and honoring. It is both educational and experiential. You can expect to gain a greater acceptance of yourself as an erotic being and to discover ways to develop a more satisfying erotic relationship with others.

This workshop is perfect for men looking to up their game! It's also proven beneficial to prostate cancer survivors, and others struggling with sexual and relationship challenges. 

This workshop is offered upon request! Min of 3 to run.  9:30 am - 6:00 pm

$425 per person.

Master Lover Mindset
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I loved the passion of the coaches and the hands on exercises. I am now so much more aware of myself and better armed with practical skills and tools.
Keith, Master Lover Mindset Participant
Overall the class was super great. I was replaying the “lessons” in my mind and, though I hadn’t recognized it at the time, the path you led us down was really one of total seduction: from communication and vulnerability, to touch, embrace, ravishment, and then pleasure.
Will, Master Lover Mindset Participant

In This Workshop, We Will:

In the morning, we work on harnessing your erotic self and your own energy. Connecting with a partner while staying in your own desire, and helping her call up and stay in hers. In the afternoon, we build on what you learned in the morning, adding erotic skills and becoming cliterate about the female orgasm. All with the goal of increasing pleasure, for both you and your partner! Note that all exercises are done clothed and that this is a professional workshop where content is taught and skills are practiced to make your sex life what you've dreamed it can be. Instructors will demonstrate exercises and work one-on-one with all men, respecting all stated boundaries.


  • Introductions and Confidentiality Agreements - this is a safe space, you can ask anything you'd like, acceptance and compassion will be shown by all.

  • Discussion about a woman's psychology around sex, information on female desire, understanding male and female stereotypes. What's real and what isn't.

  • Exercises like Standing Tree to help tap into your own desire, and presence exercises to learn how to better connect with a partner.

  • Understanding boundaries and how they shift. Discussion and games.

  • Touching for your own pleasure. Learn the 6 modalities of touch and how to use "outer-course" to build arousal. This is especially helpful to get out of the penetration only mindset.

  • Guided touch with feedback. Learn how to become your best erotic self by staying connected to your own desire while giving pleasure and feedback to a partner.

  • Walk towards exercise teaches you how to walk towards a partner with your sexual energy.

  • Pin down and pin up exercises build on the walk towards, helping you land that energy appropriately so your partner will feel desired.

  • Discussion about narrating intimacy and dealing with rejection.

  • Review male anatomy slides and discuss how you feel about your cock.

  • Review female anatomy - slides, puppet and live models. Learn how to adore a pussy, what women love, how to find the clitoris (the main female sex organ), and about different types of orgasm.

    Experience hands-on practice with loving, honest and supportive female sex and intimacy teachers. Please join us to enhance your erotic skills in a community of men full of acceptance – and be inspired to be your best erotic self!

Master Lover Mindset
425.00 525.00

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The coaches held such impeccable space for all the men. Thank you for the passion, honesty and presence. You are providing such an amazing service to us all.
Steve, Master Lover Mindset participant


If you have any questions about whether this workshop is right for you, please request a 20 minute free consultation. Simply email info@joyfulselflove.com and we will be in touch! Need more one-on-one coaching? Both Jackie and Amy offer one-on one body-based sex education & coaching!

You can also hear us walk you through what we teach in this workshop, in an interview with T of T & A Talk Sex. Click on the below audio file to hear this riveting interview with Amy & Jackie. As we all know, practice makes perfect! 

Your openness was fantastic. You helped me cross some barriers. I’ve not had a super adventurous sex life so just getting over the unease of being with different people in intimate embraces, touch, etc. was something to overcome psychologically. But we can only get over that by working, right? So that was good. It felt safe.
Wayne, Master Lover Mindset participant

This workshop is taught by Jackie Meldrum and Amy Weissfeld.

About Jackie
Jackie is a Sex and Relationship Coach trained in the Somatica™ Method, an interactive, experiential, body-based practice that heightens and deepens communication, connection, compassion and intimacy. Clients seek her out because they want more fulfilling relationships and sexually aware lives. If these ideas tantalize, provoke, or awaken you, you're right where you need to be. For answers. For guidance. For exploration. For experience. For care. Making Your Own Bed™

Like so many of us, she spent most of her life in fear of losing connections and relationships for being “too much” or “not enough” of herself. As she’s moved through her own growth and training she’s learned that we are all allowed to be imperfect, emotional, and sexual. With the tools of her trade, she’s learned how to ask for what she needs and desires to have her most passionate and fulfilling connections.

We all have the same deep need to connect; the need for true intimacy, love, and attachment. We all want to be seen, heard, and desired. We want a safe space where we can be vulnerable, be too much and not enough, make mistakes, and be imperfect but still be loved and accepted. Jackie is here to help you discover your deepest satisfaction and connected awareness, with empathy and insight.



About Amy
An unabashed hedonist, Amy’s life goal is to empower people to enjoy the pleasure of their own bodies and to heal body shame.

We each have the power to transform ourselves into healthier, authentic and loving beings. Tapping into our sexual power and letting go of culturally induced body shame and repression are crucial steps, and Amy enjoys guiding women & men along the path she herself has stumbled upon.

Amy is a certified Betty Dodson Bodysex Facilitator and Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, Mother of two, Wife, and Friend. She focuses on sex positivity and the importance of masturbation in our lives.

Core belief: Knowing yourself and your own body makes you a happier person, a better partner, and an improved lover.

She loves: Skinny dipping, laughter, time in the woods, being on the mountain, strong women, a sense of humor, dogs, adventure, intimacy, integrity and beauty of all kinds.